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This is my first question on odoo exchange. I want to set the value to select field after a click on another field.


I have field1 this is many2many_tags and field2 this is the selection field. After clicking on the field1 tag, I want to set the value to field2. I am able to achieve click on field1 but I do not understand how to set the value to the field in javascript. Can anyone please help me or any other way also appreciated.

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Hello and welcome,

To answer your question, we need more details. Can you describe in detail your initial need and the solution you want to implement?
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Firstly thank you for your replay. I have on form view which contains one field this field is one2many with widget many2many_tag and in the same form view another field which is the selection field. After clicking on the tag of field one, I want to get a record related to tag after getting a record display record in edit mode.

I am able to get all the records related to tags also able to open records in edit mode.

But there is one selection field I want to open in edit mode but I didn’t. All this thing is to achieve with the help of javascript.

I hope I am able to provide a complete description.

can this be possible? or any other alternate way is available?
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