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After restoring database in local server  and when i take a look at the list of sequences , i find the list incomplete. so there is any one that has the same problem?
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What version of Odoo are you using ?
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v12 entreprise
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I face this problem too.

You can go to the console and take the name of the missing sequence then go to pgAdmin and create it then restart odoo. It will work for you wink

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No Dorsaf i know this solution but the number of sequences missing are more than 300 sequence so i can't create it manually
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Having different modules in the server where you restored the database can bring up that kind or errors.

You need to copy the addons modules from thee production server to the test server, start the test server, and try to use the restored database.

If it still doesn't work try updating all modules, starting the test server with the option -u all.

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