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in odoo:Purchases module:Purchase Orders screen, i have created a PO number numberd PO07, as soon as i click button 'PRINT PO' button it get parameter PO07 (o.name) and trigered ir.actions.report.xml

above all works fine but i need to attached a mypo.jrxml report i.e as soon as above mention 'PRINT PO' ir get parameter PO07 (o.name) and pass it to above mypo.jrxml which get input this parameter in Para_Poname and run in jasper server. (this mypo.jrxml created in jasper reports and works fine in jasper server).

require some hint to get run my report via navigation redirect from odoo to jasper server.

as soon as i click PRINT PO button it require to run code for navigation redirect with jasperserverip-dblink-mypo.jrxml-dbuser and pwd-parameterfromO.name-parametertoPara_Poname
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