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I have a kanban view with a template in Odoo 12 and I need to access a python method data there to print them in a table. My python method returns a dictionary of key-value pairs.

I used t-foreach as below:

<t t-foreach="get_departments()" t-as="item">
        <td class="text-right">
            <t t-esc="item"/>
        <td class="text-right">
            <t t-esc="item_value"/>
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I know that you can call a function in QWeb report.

    <t t-set="result" t-value="o.call_some_method()"/>

But I think you cannot do that in Kanban view because, you cannot access the RecordSet by any variable it's in the client side and calling a function it's not simple as that it's an rcp call as I remember.

But you can work arround this by using a computed field like in Odoo account module (odoo 10.0).

   department_list = fields.Text('Departments', compute='get_departments')

   def get_departments(self):
       """ use SQL to enhance performance."""
       dep_patients  = []
       computing_sql = """
                 count(*) as appointment_count
                  hr_department hd INNER JOIN hms_appointment hp on hd.id hp.departement_id
                 hd.patient_depatment is True
            GROUP BY departement_id, hd.name
        for dp_id, dp_name, counts in self.env.cr.fetchall():
           # add an dict to use it as a json object later in javascript
           dep_patients.append({'name':dp_name, 'count': counts})

        self.department_list = json.dumps(dep_patients) if dep_patients else False

and in your view just do

   <t t-value="JSON.parse(record.department_list.raw_value)" t-set="department_list"/>

   <t t-foreach="department_list" t-as="item">
        <!-- here item is an json object with two attributes name, count -->
            <td class="text-right">
                <t t-esc="item.name"/>
            <td class="text-right">
                <t t-esc="tem.count"/>
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And this is the method in my model:

def get_departments(self):
        dep_patients = {}
        departments = self.env['hr.department'].search([('patient_depatment', '=', True)])
        appointment = self.env['hms.appointment'].search([])
        for dept in departments:
            couter = 0
            for app in appointment:
                if dept.id == app.department_id.id:
                    couter +=1
            dep_patients.update({dept.name: couter})
        return dep_patients
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in my template, on method call upon page loading I got this error that my python method is not accessible in the template and I may need to define a JavaScript method for accessing python method data in this case. Is there any way to directly access my python method in a template of Kanban view or not? if yes, how should I do it?
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