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Hi I have done an odoo database backup from  my personal laptop and I m trying to restore it on other laptop using /web/database/restore but I got an error about request time out can anybody have an idea about the cause of the probleme ?
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this problem happens because of two different configuration files used in your two instances (the source and the destination)

to bypass this problem, before you restore the database you need to increase the :

limit_time_cpu = 120

limit_time_real = 240
if you check the log when the error occurred you will notice that there's an error related to a Thread that bypassed the limit time CPU defined in the configuration file and as a solution you need to increase those two attributes

hope this helps
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What is the Odoo version of the first and second installation ? What are the versions of the two OS?
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thanks for ansewring
I have got this problem several times on odoo 8 and odoo11, the 2 laptops where using windows 7, it usually appears when I try to restore a large size db
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