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I'm trying to install Odoo in Openshift using the instructions available at https://github.com/dreispt/openshift-odoo-quickstart. When executing the final push, I get the following errors:

remote: rm: cannot remove '/var/lib/openshift/5905d54d7628e1e3050000d7//OCA-OCB*': No such file or directory
remote: rm: cannot remove '/var/lib/openshift/5905d54d7628e1e3050000d7//app-root/data/odoo-repo/doc': No such file or directory
remote: rm: cannot remove '/var/lib/openshift/5905d54d7628e1e3050000d7//app-root/data/odoo-repo/setup': No such file or directory
remote: An error occurred executing 'gear postreceive' (exit code: 1)
remote: Error message: CLIENT_ERROR: Failed to execute action hook 'build' for 5905d54d7628e1e3050000d7 application odoo
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his is a rather broadly asked question, so I will (and can) answer only in a rather broad manner.

There are a lot of key concepts that have changed. These are the most important ones and you'll need some time to get into it, but they are a big improvement to OpenShift v2.:

When you'll study the links below you will understand, that (really exaggerated) OpenShift v3 has basically nothing to do with v2 besides the name, the logo and the PaaS focus. But it's still a great tool and IMO has set new standards in the PaaS-world. (No, I don't work for RedHat ;)

What's New:


For starters; Docker & Kubernetes:


Pretty new:

Creating a Kubernetes Cluster to Run Docker Formatted Container Images

EDIT 2016_06_30: Sorry for necro'ing this old post, but I wanted to add this quick, fun and veryinformative video about Kubernetes: https://youtu.be/4ht22ReBjno

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