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how to Add a new access group in the user's access as the example in the picture

I tried to add but still I find in the Application group

<record model="ir.module.category" id="module_security_app">
  <field name="name">Security For Department</field>
  <field name="description">User access level for department</field>
  <field name="sequence">1</field>
<record id="group_user_app" model="res.groups">
     <field name="name">User</field>
     <field name="implied_ids" eval="[(4, ref('hr.group_hr_user'))]"/>
     <field name="users" eval="[(4, ref('base.user_root'))]"/>
     <field name="category_id" ref="module_security_app"/>
  <record id="group_manager_app" model="res.groups">
      <field name="name">Manager</field>
      <field name="implied_ids" eval="[(4, ref('group_user_app'))]"/>
      <field name="category_id" ref="module_security_app"/>
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i have tried to test your code, it works for me!

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Thank you for your answer
yes the code it works
my need is to make a new group out of category Application like image
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