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I'm running ODOO 10 from source code in Eclipse on Windows 10. It's running ok in the web interface (on localhost)

I want to control the odoo via command line at the same time. Can I do so while its running in the web interface?

If so how do I invoke the odoo commands to the server?

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OK I figured it out: You go to the root directory where the source is located and where the odoo-bin python file is, together with the odooshell (which you change to batch) and run it as follows:

python odoo-bin --help

And take it from there!

When the debugger is running it seems not to work, but if the server is running outside the debugger (in Eclipse I hit "run" with a run configuration) then the command line works ok.

for example, in windows open cmd and C:> CD c:\myDevPath\odoo C:\myDevPath\odoo> C:\myDevPath\odoo> python odoo-bin --i18n-import=addons\point_of_sale\i18n\he.po --i18n-overwrite -l=he --database=odoo --db_user=mydbUser --db_password=myodoodbPassword

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